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Patient Safety with Interactive Medical Devices:
a multi-disciplinary symposium

Reading, UK; 24th–25th June 2015

Background and general information about the symposium

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The aim of the symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of patient safety and interactive medical devices. The meeting is sponsored by the EPSRC-funded CHI+MED project, which is now in its final year. The event is planned partly as a celebration and dissemination of outcomes from the CHI+MED project and other related initiatives, and partly looking forward to the future: identifying needs and opportunities for enhancing patient safety, and patient and carer experience, through the design of interactive medical devices.

Historically, the major transformations in healthcare have come about through discoveries and innovations in pharmaceuticals. In the 21st Century, the transformations will be reliant on, and potentially driven by, innovations in digital technologies: in novel personal technologies (wearables and apps); in telecare and patient self-management; in monitoring, drug delivery and other treatments; and in the processing of large datasets to support care decisions. While there is a current focus on innovation in digital health technologies, there is also a need to be critical, to ensure that future digital health technologies are:

  • as safe as possible, assured through a repertoire of methods for ensuring that safety;
  • as easy to use as possible, minimizing the likelihood of user error and ensuring efficient interactions so as not to distract from patient care;
  • a good fit with clinical practice and with the way people live their lives.

Content of the symposium

We propose a mix of activities: some invited talks, panels, poster sessions, and presentations from both CHI+MED team members and others working on related topics.

We invite submissions of extended abstracts for talks and posters presenting research on:

  • Interaction design for interactive medical devices (IMDs);
  • User needs for IMDs;
  • Techniques for assuring safety of technology in healthcare;
  • Individual and social behaviour with IMDs;
  • Theory and principles for designing and evaluating IMDs;
  • Methods for designing, regulating, and testing IMDs;
  • Incident reporting and learning related to IMDs.

See the Submissions page for details of how to submit a contribution.

Keynote speakers

- Gregory Abowd (Health Sciences Institute & School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech)
- Pat Baird (Baxter Healthcare; Infusion Systems Safety Council; AAMI Infusion Devices Committee)
- Patricia Trbovich (University Health Network, University of Toronto)

(Other invited speakers are listed on the Programme page.)

Key dates

- Submission deadline: Monday 13 April, 2015
- Notification of acceptance: Friday 1 May, 2015
- Symposium dates: 24–25 June 2015.


Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs, but there is no registration fee for the symposium. Refreshments, lunches, and the conference dinner will be provided free for all participants. For more information, see the venue page.

Programme committee

- Ann Blandford (UCL) (chair)
- Peter Buckle (RCA)
- Nick Chozos (Adelard)
- Anna Cox (UCL)
- Paul Curzon (Queen Mary)
- Kate Hone (Brunel)
- Tim Kelly (York)
- Jennifer Martin (Nottingham)
- Gerrit Niezen (Swansea)
- Rimvydas Rukšėnas (Queen Mary)
- Kathy Stawarz (UCL)
- Harold Thimbleby (Swansea)

We invite you to join us to celebrate developments in patient safety and interactive medical devices!