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Publications for Industry

This page contains materials arising from the CHI+MED project specifically for use in industry, especially by manufacturers of medical devices. Other pages list:

For information on other types of publications (such as patient information leaflets or medical device alerts) please see our general publications page.

Publications for industry ...

... are practice-oriented documents and videos issued for guidance. They are subject to frequent updating:

Personas and scenarios

Vincent, C., Blandford, A., Furniss, D., Iacovides, I., Rajkomar, A., Berndt, E., Gant, F., Ganz, R., O’Connor, L., & Werth, J. (last updated 24 Feb 2014). Personas and scenarios (infusion devices). Technical report IP001. pdf (6.8 MB) abstract


Vincent, C., & Blandford, A. (last updated 10 Mar 2014). Infusion pump standards guide. Technical report IP002. pdf (637 KB) abstract

Number entry guidance

Blandford, A., Cauchi, A. Cox, A., Gimblett, A., Masci, P., Niezen, G., Oladimeji, P., Thimbleby, H., Vincent, C. (Ed.), & Wiseman, S. (last updated 9 Aug 2013). Guidelines for number entry interface design (infusion devices). Technical report IP003. pdf (2.1 MB) abstract

User interface issues

Masci, P. (2014). User interface issues in medical devices (video). Technical report IP004 (video). pdf (67 KB) abstract


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