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Student project theses

This page lists various kinds of theses reporting on student projects related to CHI+MED. These range from final-year undergraduate projects supervised by members of the CHI+MED team, to PhD theses written by project members. Other pages list:

For information on other types of publications (such as patient information leaflets or medical device alerts) please see our general publications page.

Student project reports ...

Author(s) Title (and download) Status Date
Piergiuseppe Mallozzi Design and development of a co-simulation library for the PVSio-web prototyping tool (PDF, 11.7 MB) MSc project 27 Nov 2015
Hanna Schneider Patients’ and clinicians’ needs met and unmet by a PHR (PDF, 2.6 MB) MSc project 11 Aug 2015
Fariat Odion-Esene Exploring the expectation and hopes of individuals with Type One Diabetes for new and current technology (PDF, 1.1 MB) MSc project 3 Mar 2015
Jeffrey Ng Task interruptions and resumptions: Effects of working memory load and lock-out durations (PDF, 343 KB) Undergraduate project (Psychology) 25 Feb 2011
Aaron Chan Investigating the effects of using checklists on routine task performance under different working memory load conditions (PDF, 268 KB) Undergraduate project (Psychology) 25 Feb 2011
George Farmer Optimal performance in multitasking (PDF, 1.1 MB) MSc project 4 Sep 2010
Liam O’Connor Workarounds in accident and emergency & intensive therapy departments: resilience, creation and consequences (PDF, 719 KB) MSc project 4 Sep 2010
Atish Rajkomar Extending distributed cognition analysis for complex work settings: a case study of infusion pumps in the intensive care unit (PDF, 8.0 MB) MSc project 4 Sep 2010
Julia Werth Mutually towards best practice: exploring medical equipment libraries to inform DiCoT and vice versa (PDF, 3.7 MB) MSc project 4 Sep 2010
Patrick Oladimeji Devices, errors and improving interaction design: A case study using an infusion pump (PDF, 2.1 MB) MRes project 1 Oct 2008

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