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Background Publications

This page lists publications providing some of the research background to the CHI+MED project. Other pages list:

For information on other types of publications (such as patient information leaflets or medical device alerts) please see our general publications page.

Background publications ...

Author(s) Title (and online access) Citation
Furniss, D. & Blandford, A. Understanding emergency medical dispatch in terms of Distributed Cognition: a case study Ergonomics (2006), 49, 1203
Furniss, D., Blandford, A. & Curzon, P Resilience in usability consultancy practice: The case for a positive resonance model Proceedings of Resilience Engineering Workshop (2007), 23(5), 31-35
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Thimbleby, H. User-centered methods are iInsufficient for safety critical systems Proc Usability & HCI for Medicine and Health Care (2007), LNCS, 4799, 1-20
Back, J., Furniss, D., Hildebrandt, M. & Blandford, A. Resilience markers for safer systems and organisations Proc. SAFE COMP, 27th International Conference on Computer Safety (2008)
Thimbleby, H. Ignorance of interaction programming is killing people ACM Interactions, September+October (2008), 52-57
Blandford, A., Adams, A. & Furniss, D Understanding the situated use of healthcare technologies Proc. ACM CHI workshop on Evaluating New Iinteractions in Healthcare (2009)
Thimbleby, H. Contributing to safety and due diligence in safety-critical interactive systems development ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (2009), EICS09, 221-230