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Newsletters from the CHI+MED team are published regularly and include updates from the different research groups working within the project, as well as feedback from our advisory group.

If you would like to sign up to CHI-MED-NEWS, our announcements-only mailing list hosted at JISCmail, please follow these instructions.

Eight CHI+MED update newsletter Update 8 - October 2014 [PDF, 1.4MB] Our latest newsletter on involving patients in research, working with the FDA and understanding and improving data entry.





Seventh CHI+MED update newsletter Update 7 - February 2013 [PDF, 434k] Our number entry themed newsletter.






Sixth CHI+MED update thumbnail Update 6 - June 2012 [PDF, 434k] Our number entry themed newsletter.





Fifth CHI+MED update thumbnail Update 5 - September 2011 [PDF, 273k] Conference reports, new publications and news from our Summer workshops.





Fourth CHI+MED update thumbnailUpdate 4 - June 2011 [PDF, 282k] The latest news and project successes from CHI+MED.






Third CHI+MED update thumbnailUpdate 3 - February 2011 [PDF, 178k] A one-page outlining some of our achievements in the first year of the project.






Second CHI+MED update thumbnail Update 2 - August 2010 [PDF, 2Mb] A one-page PDFresponse from the CHI+MED management team to feedback from the advisory group given at the meeting in January 2010 at Sopwell.






First CHI+MED update thumbnail Update 1 - July 2010 [PDF, 199kb]
A one-page PDF outlining progress made by CHI+MED researchers, in the different work packages, in the first six months of the project.