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Two booklets summarising the outcomes and impact of the CHI+MED project:

Insights from the CHI+MED Project

Front cover of insight booklet

Download the pdf.

This booklet summarises key outcomes from the EPSRC-funded CHI+MED programme. It includes links to these web pages giving more detail about each area of our work as well as references to papers and other resources.


Research manifesto

Front cover of manifesto

Download the pdf.

This manifesto summarises the main findings of the CHI+MED project under four headings, and outlines a research agenda for safe, efficient and effective design and usage of medical devices.

Hard copies are available from Prof. Paul Curzon, p.curzon@qmul.ac.uk (while stocks last). We would be happy to have follow-up conversations, or to answer any queries you may have about our research.

Below is an animated gif showing some highlights from the Insights booklet.